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Neat CLI Tricks on SpecV

Hello friends. I do apologize that it has been a while since I've shared anything new. It's been a long and strange trip getting through the last few weeks. To get things back going, I would like to share some interesting CLI tricks you can use to help troubleshoot and analyze your SpecV storage. These tricks should all be on/enabled in versions 7.7 onward - which I hope everyone reading is running given the supported code statements found here . With that said, lets start simple: Running multiple commands in succession with a single input can be done using a ";" separator between commands. For example, the following one line will query the system time and then list the nodes visible by the node you are logged into. IBM_Storwize:V7000B:superuser> svqueryclock; sainfo lsservicenodes Mon Jun 24 11:33:32 EDT 2019 panel_name cluster_id       cluster_name node_id node_name relation node_status error_data 01-1       00000340A060C04E V7000B       4       node2     loc