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Why you should always use DRAID

Hello friends - I have been a bit focussed on remote copy lately so this week I would like to shake things up a bit and provide a simple explanation as to why you should always use Distributed RAID over Traditional RAID in Spectrum Virtualize products. Traditional RAID This is what we typically refer to as RAID in the storage industry as a whole. We aggregate drives and either stripe data or mirror it across multiple physical drives. In the Spectrum Virtualize platforms we generally support: RAID 0 - Striping data across drives for maximum performance with no redundancy Since all drives hold unique data, we only write once providing best write performance Does not allow for any drives in the array to fail without data loss RAID 1 - Mirroring data across drives (normally 2) to provide redundancy Writes the same data set across a pair of drives requiring data to be written twice Allows for one drive in the mirrored set to fail without losing data RAID 5 - Striping data