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Discussion on queue depth

Hello friends. It has been quite a while and lots of things have changed since my last post. I am hoping to break out at least 1 post per month for the remainder of this year to deliver some helpful information in designing and tuning your Spectrum Virtualize storage systems. For the first post of the year I want to talk about queue depth settings. Historically IBM has put out a formula for calculating queue depth here. However, this calculation is not ideal for the newest systems on the newer code versions. In the current releases the queue depth on the system is a fixed number per physical port on each node. As a result, in order to avoid queue full on the system you should be careful not to set the aggregate queue depth of all hosts accessing a single physical port on the system greater than 2048. Once the target (in our case Spectrum Virtualize) hits queue full, the system won't be able to accept any additional io requests on that port. This can result in dropped commands